Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some more pinwheels

I have been pretty poor at making time for sewing this year. Expecting baby number two, while chasing my 20-month-old R and trying to get as much work done as possible before baby arrives is wearing me out more than I thought it would!

I did manage to make this little baby blanket for my husband's cousin's new baby girl:
Scarlet's blanket

Scarlet's blanket

I've made a few more pinwheels for my queen size scrappy pinwheel quilt, too. These I did last month:
scrappy pinwheels 23 feb 2009

And I finished these this week:
scrappy pinwheels 23 March 2010

I also made Riley a couple of little sunsuits. I don't know why I can't seem to find these for sale anywhere in Australia, especially on the Sunshine Coast. They are great in the heat, as they are so breezy and don't stick to the skin like tshirts or shorts. This one's a little big on him, but I am sure he will grow into it soon.
outfit for R

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  1. Such a pretty little baby quilt. And I love love love the pinwheels. Any design + white I love and this is going to be such a cute and colorful quilt with the white seeting the pinwheels off so nicely!